‘People Now Use Their ‘Mental Health’ as an Excuse to Avoid Responsibility’— Uti Nwachukwu

Uti in a Twitter post, chided such people who hide under the guise of protecting their mental health, instead of taking positive actions. Mercy Eke’s facial bone, however, captured the attention of many who believed that the reality star had in one way or the other altered her look through a plastic surgery procedure. Learn Emotional intelligence! Reality TV star, Uti Nwachukwu, has taken a swipe at people who use their ‘mental health’ as an excuse to avoid responsibility and accountability. He tweeted, Serve! Sacrifice! Follow due process! 🙄 continue! -But Nooo “my menta het!” Mercy wore a different look and fans were forced to ask her what she’d done. “A lot of youngins keep using their ‘mental health’ as a quick excuse to avoid accountability, responsibility, Discipline, empathy& commitment. Meanwhile Reality TV show star Mercy Eke, trended on social media yesterday after she shared a video of herself that indirectly showed the result of the ‘work done’ on her face. Don’t cry abandonment later o!” Many said she looks like she had Botox or surgery on her face. Others asked what she did to her face and told her they don’t like her new look. penetv

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