Actress, Halima Abubakar starts spilling; shares heated chats between herself and Bobrisky as she accuses the crossdresser of leaving a scar in her heart

Halima said she was on her sick bed at the time she got the messages from Bobrisky in 2019. She added that it “left a scar in my heart “. Bobrisky you left a scar in my heart Halima added that she didn’t tell Tonto that Bobrisky had informed her of their conversation and she said she did this to show she had nothing against Bobrisky. He told her that she’s “full of hate” for blocking him “with no reason”. This was 2019 when I was in the hospital .My Bp was super high. Halima later named the friend as Tonto. Pouring out her heart in the caption, the actress wrote: 

Halima Abubakar, who threatened days ago to stop keeping the secrets of her colleagues, has gone on Instagram to release chats she exchanged with Bobrisky.Everything you said,about your own ,friends are evil.i kept it.
I told you if you people kill me,you will rest.I hope you happy now?I didn’t even tell tonto,to show you,I had notting against you.Let me pour out my heart.
You hurt me.This is just few of your messages.

I was depressed
I was violated
I was maltreated over what?

See the chats below. 
Angered at being blocked, Bobrisky had sent Halima messages, calling her “dirty” and “broke”.

Apparently, Halima Abubakar had blocked Bobrisky on Instagram in 2019 and a “friend” informed Bobrisky of this.


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