Burglar who escaped from jail after announcing his engagement to his girlfriend appears in bed with her on Facebook (photo)

Yesterday, his fiancee added a temporary profile picture of them topless in bed with Hawkins seen eating a piece of toast. He was tagged along with four blue hearts. 
Since then police forces have been searching for the ‘dangerous criminal’ and warning members of the public not to approach him. Hawkins and fellow burglar McKay were caught on camera at HMP Sudbury making their escape at 10.15pm on October 10. A dangerous burglar who escaped from jail last month after announcing his engagement to his girlfriend has been pictured eating a piece of toast in bed with his fiancée. A source told MailOnline: ‘It’s crazy. Danielle has four kids and only got with him whilst he was in prison. She has never seen him on the outside so this picture must be recent. Back on July 5 last year, she reportedly changed her relationship status to announce that she was now with Hawkins, who had been sentenced to nine years and four months jail a year earlier. Sam Hawkins announced his plan to marry Danielle Foster in a Facebook post from prison on October 9 and the next day he jumped over the fence at HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire. Officers in the area of south-east London targeted by the gang for their residential burglaries reported a 25 percent drop in such crimes after their arrests. The 34-year-old was last seen hiking down the A515 towards the Peak District town of Ashbourne with fellow escapee Darren McKay, 37. ‘Up until now the only pictures she has shared of him are ones from prison calls.’ Burglar who escaped from jail after announcing his engagement to his girlfriend appears in bed with his fiance on Facebook (Photo)
Hawkins was part of a seven-strong south London gang who were jailed for a total of almost 50 years in June 2019.  They specialised in ramming shops and ripping out ATMs as well as residential burglaries and their crime spree lasted from September 2017 until their arrests in December 2018. The escape prompted a huge manhunt from police forces around the country and also appeared to trigger further escapes from the ‘low security’ jail.


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