Daddy Freeze Replies Man Who Dreamt That He Was Burning In Hell Fire, Urged Him To Repent

"Divorce is Allowed in the Bible" Daddy Freeze Asserts, Backs Up His Claims with Bible Verses

According to a Twitter user identified as @Geerexxx who plans to ‘dirty the December’ with her returns from her saving box claimed to have amassed this year. He wrote; Daddy Freeze who chanced upon the comment slid under it to reply. In his response, he postulated that the Facebook user dreamt that he is hell because he (Williams) is living in hell in reality. Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze, has responded to a Facebook user who said he had a terrible dream about him. He urged him to seek repentance now and give his life to Christ. Above all, he asked him to start giving tithe and stop misleading the masses. However, fellow users of the microblogging platform argued that the amount claimed to have been saved up is false judging from the quantity of cash unveiled.

 “5.3M? You well? If it’s in $ or  £ or € notes I will agree, abi no be naira notes be that? Or na my eye dey pain me,” a user wrote in reply. Meanwhile Lady takes to her social media page to show off an alleged sum of N5.3M saved up within the space of 10 months. Dear Freeze, I dreamt that you’re in hell Repent now and give your life to Christ. Start giving tithe and stop misleading people sir. Thank you and God bless you“, he wrote. According to this Facebook user identified as Williams Chimobi, he dreamt that Daddy Freeze was burning in hellfire. penetv

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