Expectation vs reality: Woman orders £75 ASOS coat online and is in stitches when it turns up

The customer Eve was swamped by the coat and it left her followers in stitches. Eve quickly placed her order and chose her size out of the seven sizes available. Then she posted under it a picture of how it looked online and an image of herself overwhelmed by the jacket in her bedroom. She tweeted: “Expectations vs reality @ASOS”
However, when it arrived and she wore it, it didn’t look as stylish on her.

Eve Curran spotted the trendy winter wear on ASOS and quickly fell in love with it because of how stylish it looks on the model. One responder admitted: “Naw Eve. I laughed so much.” The model A woman left her followers amused after revealing what the new £75 coat she ordered online actually looks like on her.


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