Fight Me and Leave Imo People Alone – Okorocha Tells Uzodinma

Okorocha on the Run, Can No Longer Walk Freely On the Streets of Imo State - Hope Uzodinma

 “My heart is bleeding over the destruction of Imo property especially Somto Hospital. That project is over N1.6 billion. It would have been better if they had turned it into a shopping mall instead of demolishing the edifice. “These have called for concern. A fight against Rochas must be disconnected from a fight against Imo people“They based their destruction on China projects but it’s taken them months to destroy Akachi and the Ironsi Tunnel.He said;He said;Responding to this, Governor Uzodinma’s aide Modestus Nwamkpa claimed that the demolished and abandoned projects were either of substandard quality or of no use for the state. “I decided not to show my my face and give leaders opportunity to correct the wrong things that have been going on. “I don’t know why the police headquarters is still being neglected and abandoned. It is a similar situation with the 3400 capacity prison headquarters.“Those projects were abandoned by Okorocha himself. For instance, after demolishing the Eke Ukwu market, Rochas built what turned out to be public toilet and claimed that it was a hospital. We all know what a hospital is. There was never any time a hospital was there. However, Governor Hope Uzodinma has promised to build a standard market there as requested by the Owerri people within 18 months. penetv

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