Make N8.37 Million in 4 months from FOOTBALL Trading starting with N100,000 capital

He confessed that there are times that the tipster does have bad days. He recalled a certain bad month where there were 10 back to back loss but having come a long way to trust them, he always keeps calm, think of long-term benefits and hope for the best. And overall, it’s been fantastic. How is that even possible?
These 4 months as displayed below is verifiable. On the telegram channel, every win from November 2020 to January 2021 were captured in the posts there if scrolled to back to see.
N8.37Million in 4 months is the figure
February 2021
Even if you don’t want to compound for long, you get to a point of N500,000 return monthly within 2 months.
He reinstates that he isn’t a tipster but a smart business guy who has mastered the act of making truck loads of cash from football betting with his team members.

January 2021 ended at N235,000. That is a 235% return. penetv

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