Nigerian fuel attendants try to locate the ”fuel tank” of a Tesla car after its owner brought it in for a test (video)

To the fools here who see hydrocarbons as some kind of evil planet killer, you are so far gone in the Jewish propaganda to even understand why they are waging war on hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons make it possible for you to live off grid and off the central supply and monopolist grip! One barrel of Crude oil contains the equivalent of 33MW of Energy – more than enough to sustain a descent home of 6 for a month! Take away hydrocarbons and all you are left with is the central grid controlled by the same people that want you off the land and jammed packed in cities. The more they are able to crowd into their Shetls (Jewish ghettos) the more control they have over you! In Nigeria, the Fulani are being sponsored by Judas to drive people off from the rural areas into cities. It is under this Fulani Bolshevik Regime that Rural areas across the country have now become the most terrorised and dangerous place to be. This is no accident. The fulani is heading all of you into ghetto cities from where they will take over the land, deny you the land as a food source and starve you to death in the cities. Jews did this to Russia when they took over in 1917. They waged war on the Peasant farmers and from there chased the remaining to ghettos and from there starved the populace.
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@BishopMagic – are we still in the era of arguing the earth is flat and riding in horse-drawn carriages? Technology is moving at the speed of light and no point believing in conspiracies. These disruptive innovations are simply a confluence of sperate technologies like AI, Machine Learning, 5G, Robotics, FinTech, Blockchains, and Biotechnology coming together in ways that were not envisaged at their inception. It is pointless trying to discredit them. Its the future. The era of big men driving big internal combustion engine cars is going out and everyone will benefit. Soon we will have Hyperloop in big cities. Has nothing to do with IMF, WEF, etc. Don’t be left behind. Encourage our young people to study these courses. Dr. Ralph
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Fool, the Great Reset envisages that corporations will be the only ones who own any asset. You will be a working and rent consuming slave. This is Judaic Communism 101 disguised as an Environmentalist and Socio-economic reset. At the end only Jews – wealthy Jews will own any and every property including you. Just see how Jeff Bezos was able to double his net worthy under both Covid lockdowns and BLM/ANTIFA attacks on small businesses in America. This is a communist take over, olodo!

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