#seasonofthanks: Lipton and Knorr surprise Nigerians working through the holidays

The campaign offered consumers the opportunity to win a ‘thank you‘ gift for people who have been instrumental to their survival this year, by posting stories on social media using the hashtag #SeasonOfThanks.
Both brands are doubling down on their 12 Days of Christmas #SeasonOfThanks give away campaign to bring cheers and happiness to people who have been specially nominated by consumers on social media. They visited selected locations across Lagos to distribute boxes filled with food items like rice, Knorr cubes, bottles of vegetable oil, and more to nominated essential workers, especially those who do not have enough to celebrate. How is that for a true #SeasonofThanks celebration?
This Christmas, Knorr and Lipton captured the true essence of the season by putting smiles on the faces of essential workers who can’t help but be at work while others spend quality time with friends and family.
These unique stories depict how the nominated individuals offered a hand of help at difficult times through the course of the year.

There’s something super special about festive seasons. It is a time for giving – whether it’s that warm smile you flash a stranger, or the box of food you offer that hardworking woman who cleans the streets, or even the cute little present you give to friends and family – giving with love is right at the centre of the season.


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