Shan George Throws Shades at Ladies Who Have Bleached Yet Gained Nothing from it

Unarguably this post of Shan George’s seems to be directed at someone or some group of people because there are some female celebrities on this table that she’s comfortably shaking but since she didn’t mention anyone’s name, no one can hold it against her. Similarly, an Instagram user also said that Whitemoney also acted the same way after stepping his foot in the Biggie house. Shan George randomly posted asking after all that bleaching, now that you have turned into a yellow sotay and all your veins and nerves in green and red could be seen yet you haven’t gained anything. In a video that surfaced online, Whitemoney quickly went down on his knees after they landed from the flight in Dubai with his hands lifted in appreciation to God.

Nigerian Actress Shan George has shaded ladies who have bleached yet gained nothing from I asking them what they gained from bleaching their skins to the extent their veins could be seen. Reacting to this, social media users praised Whitemoney for always being grateful for everything adding that he’s one of the humble people in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition. Meanwhile Reality TV star, Hazel Oyeze Onoduenyi, also known as Whitemoney, has expressed appreciation to God after leaving the shore of Nigeria for the first time. According to her, after all the bleaching you still haven’t seen a husband, you aren’t rich nor have you gain any titles or degrees asking what exactly those who have bleached gained from the bleaching since she doesn’t know. The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates recently embarked on the Pepsi vacation trip to Dubai, courtesy of some of the tasks won during the reality show. penetv

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